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George Washington Bridge in New York City, NY

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10/12/2015 - 11/18/2015
For an amazing trip up the Palisades to West Point for memories that will last a lifetime, take the New York See the Foliage Tour to see the fall foliage in the beautiful Hudson Valley!
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High above the Hudson River, linking the shores of Manhattan and the bluffs of New Jersey's Palisades, stands the George Washington Bridge.

Construction for this powerful structure was completed in 1962, though it had been open and running for thirty years before that. A year later, the bridge's bus station opened. From anchorage to anchorage, the bridge spans a distance of 4,760 feet. There are 12 toll lanes on each level, both upper and lower, of the bridge as well. It stands a mighty 604 feet above the Hudson River.

The bridge is seen in many movies that are set in New York. These include Aftershock: Earthquake in New York and The Other Guys. The 70s television show Maude also featured the bridge in its opening.

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