Circle Line Downtown ZEPHYR Seaport Music Cruise
Circle Line Downtown ZEPHYR Seaport Music Cruise
Circle Line Downtown ZEPHYR Seaport Music Cruise
6 Photos
Circle Line Downtown ZEPHYR Seaport Music Cruise
6 Photos

Circle Line Downtown ZEPHYR Seaport Music Cruise

Circle Line Downtown ZEPHYR Seaport Music Cruise

Circle Line Downtown ZEPHYR Seaport Music Cruise is located in Downtown Manhattan at Pier 16 and offers a harbor sightseeing cruise along the peaceful Hudson River, aboard the Zephyr.

Detail Cruise Lasts Approximately 2 Hours
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
Detail Restaurant and Gift Shop On-site
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Enjoy a musical tour aboard the Circle Line Downtown Zephyr Seaport Music Cruise and set sail from downtown Manhattan from New York's Pier 16 in the Historic South Seaport. The musical tour features a harbor sightseeing cruise along the serene Hudson River aboard the luxury yacht the Zephyr. This unique vessel features three large decks and offers spectacular views of the New York City skyline. The ship's knowledgeable guides share the history and interesting stories of New York along the way. The cruise will take you past the cities most famous landmarks including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and a close-up remarkable view of the Statue of Liberty. Sail under the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

Detailed Tour Itinerary
 Drive By  Empire State Building
The Empire State Building stands as a testament to human ingenuity as it rises over a quarter of a mile into the New York sky. Ever since its inception in 1931, the Empire State Building has been capturing the fascination and imagination of visitors from around the world with its daring, ingenuity, and genuinely American stance towards architecture.
 Drive By  Chrysler Center
Made up of the Chrysler Building and the Chrysler East Building, the Chrysler Center holds businesses and retail stores and takes up over one million square feet. From the building itself, the landmark gives a 360-degree view of Manhattan and the surrounding area.
 Drive By  Brooklyn Bridge
As one of the oldest suspension bridges in the nation and the first steel-wire suspension bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places. Completed in 1883, the bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn across the East River and is over 1,500 feet long.
 Drive By  Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty has been a beacon to those traveling toward New York City from across the Atlantic, a symbol of what America means to those who seek a better life. This amazing sight is known for its historical importance and architectural prowess.
Stops may change due to traffic, weather, maintenance, etc.

In addition to these awesome New York sights, this two-hour cruise will take you on a fantastic journey with the Zephyr's resident DJs. Enjoy signature cocktails and snacks from one of the two cash bars, and enjoy this truly spectacuular evening on the Zephyr as a unique, glittering, and glamorous venue! Don't be afraid to enjoy the music - there's a large dance floor for dancing and fun.

The Zephyr cruise will provide everyone of all ages with a fun-filled and unique experience where you can get a sense of the city's geography and its layout. It features multiple climate-controlled interiors, along with indoor and outdoor decks with comfortable seating. Bring your cameras along for spectacular photo and video opportunities.

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