Opry Goes Pink At Grand Ole Opry


Every year, the Grand Ole Opry shows its support for women battling breast cancer by “going pink” for a night. Every weekend, the Grand Ole Opry hosts performances from country artists from throughout the decades, but one night a year, they dedicate these performances to the brave women who have or who have had breast cancer. They team up with Women Rock for the Cure, a Nashville-based organization that supports young women facing cancer. The organization, which was founded in 2007, builds awareness in the community and reaches out through programs by using the entertainment industry. The Grand Ole Opry is just one of their outlets.

The Opry Goes Pink “flips the switch,” in mid- to late-October, turning the show “pink” for the night. Artists who have participated in this event include Sarah Darling, Jimmy Dickens, Kristen Kelly, Mindy Smith and The Farm. Many of the artists have been personally affected by breast cancer and all feel a strong urge to help find a cure. Kellie Pickler, one of the participating artists, has a childhood friend who has been facing cancer, “flipped the switch” during the 2012 show.
The Opry Goes Pink not only features performances from favorite country artists, but also hosts activities that recognize breast cancer survivors and those who are still continuing to fight the disease.
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