Keith & Kristyn Getty At Grand Ole Opry


Keith and Kristyn Getty are the pioneers of the “Modern Hymn,” a style of praise music designed to bring people together and teach about the Bible.

The Gettys are from Northern Ireland, where Keith began composing music for church services as a teen. Keith and Kristyn write music that appeals to a wide audience, combining folk and classical elements of music with lyrics that reflect the stories and lessons of the Bible. The Gettys' modern hymns aim to provide a balance for trend of focusing on personal feelings toward God that characterizes much of modern praise music. The couple made their Opry debut in May 2011.

Keith has composed or produced more than 200 projects including live performances, theatrical music, music for TV and film, and albums. The Gettys' hymns are beloved around the globe and are frequently covered by other artists. “In Christ Alone,” their most popular song, quickly gained worldwide popularity and made Christian music charts in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. It is also the 9th best loved hymn in the UK.

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