Jett Williams At Grand Ole Opry


Jett Williams' life story embodies “stranger than fiction.” She is Hank Williams' daughter, but didn't find out about her parentage until she was in her early 30s, and now she carries on the family business as a country singer.

Jett Williams was born less than a week after Hank Williams' death. She was adopted by her grandmother, who died a few weeks later. Jett was made a ward of the state and eventually adopted  by an Alabama family. Her records were sealed to prevent her finding out who her parents were, but in the early '80s she hired an investigative lawyer and started searching. In 1985, the Alabama Supreme Court rules that Jett Williams had been defrauded for the gain of others, and she was awarded half of her father's estate.
Jett Williams made her singing debut in 1989, then embarked on a worldwide tour with her father's old backing band, The Drifting Cowboys. She sings original material as well as some of Hank's songs, including “Your Cheatin Heart,” “ One,” “Hank Williams Blues,” and “I'm so Lonesome,” among many others. Jett partnered with her half brother, Hank Jr., to release a compendium of 54 previously unheard Hank Williams songs. Jett has also published an autobiography about her story, “Ain't Nothing As Sweet As My Baby.”
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