Jaida Dreyer At Grand Ole Opry


Though born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Jaida Dreyer has called seven states home, from coast to coast. As a child, she lived her life in the spotlight, winning the hearts of audiences in not music but ice skating and horse arenas. At five, she won the first of many World Championship titles for showing horses. She lived a fast-paced life on the road and when a back injury at eighteen left her unable to ride any longer, she began writing about her life in the form of song.

Jaida has since become one of the most sought after young songwriters in Nashville, Tennessee, where she has now settled into. After she posted a video to her MySpace page, publishing deals began pouring in before she landed at SongGarden Music Publishing. Not only has she found success in songwriting, but Dreyer has also become the flagship artist under the label Streamsound Records. Her debut single “Guy’s Girl” she co-wrote with The Warren Brothers and Lance Miller. With this song and others, she has established a fast-growing fan base.
Dreyer has also since landed a sponsorship with Jagermeister, putting her back on the road with heavy hitting acts around the United States. Her songs have been recorded by major label artists and she is currently in the studio with her producer Byron Gallimore, where she is working on her debut album.
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