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Have some fun during your getaway in Nashville. These fun activities will give you a great time with wonderful memories you will always have with you. They are perfect for a really fun vacation!
Fun Nashville Activities
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Live performances by today's hottest stars and country legends from the past give you a rocking good time at the Grand Ole Opry. You become a part of the rich, over 75 year old tradition of the Grand Opry as soon as you step through the door. Honor history and the present and have a lot of fun at the Grand Ole Opry!
Available 115 days between Mar 31, 2015 & Dec 26, 2015 View Schedule
An evening of fun with dinner and fabulous country music await you aboard the General Jackson. The General Jackson Showboat Lunch and Dinner Cruises offer you the chance to relax on your vacation and just enjoy yourself. A delicious meal and the musical stylings of some of Nashville's favorite musicians combine for a promising evening of great times!
Available 248 days between Now & Dec 24, 2015 View Schedule
On this tour, you get to actually see the homes of some of country music's biggest stars. See the towering facade of Martina McBride's lovely abode, or the startling architecture of Trace Adkins' home, as well as the homes of many other stars past and present.
Available 371 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
This tour gives guests a comprehensive view of the city's most famous attractions. Guests will also get to stop at several hot venues like the Ryman Auditorium and the Country music Hall of Fame.
Available 370 days between Mar 28, 2015 & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Relax and enjoy the many incredible sights of Nashville aboard a refreshing, open air trolley with the Nashville Trolley Tour. This tour will take you by famous places like the legendary Ryman Auditorium, Tennessee State Capitol, and Country Music Hall of Fame. The novelty of a trolley tour combined with the famous attractions of Nashville will be great fun on your vacation!
Available 371 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
At the Nashville Zoo, you can see hundreds of unique creatures, including birds, mammals and reptiles. See the stately giraffes, colorful flamingos and slimy Gila monster at this extensive and varied zoo.
Available 278 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
The King never left Music City as proven by this uncanny impersonation. Hear some of Elvis Presley's classic tunes as they were meant to be heard at this tribute show.
Available 56 days between Mar 30, 2015 & Oct 29, 2015 View Schedule
Save money and get to enjoy some of the best attractions in Nashville with the incredible All About Nashville Pass. This pass gives you access to the One Hour Nashville Trolley Tour, Nashville Unpublished Walking Tour, and admission to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Each tour offers an unparalleled look at the real Nashville. You will have a great time exploring the city with this pass!
Available 371 days between Now & Mar 31, 2016 View Schedule
Enjoy a scenic break from the hustle and bustle of your Nashville vacation with an exclusive, private carriage tour that explores the heart of Downtown Nashville. Get a unique perspective of famous landmarks like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Symphony Hall, and get great views of Riverfront Park and the Shelby Street Walking Bridge.
Available 280 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
If you're looking for fun on your vacation, check out the upbeat, blugrass tempos and talent at Ryman Bluegrass Nights. Rising stars and bluegrass legends join together for a bluegrass extravaganza at this show. You can't help but be entertained and have as much fun as the musicians playing for you!
Available 6 days between Jun 25, 2015 & Jul 30, 2015 View Schedule
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