Corey Smith At Grand Ole Opry


Corey Smith is a country/rock/blues singer-songwriter from Georgia. Music was always an important part of his life, it has helped him conquer homesickness, it’s gained him recognition, and it is the key that unlocked his dreams. At first music was just a hobby, he enjoyed playing for his students as a high school teacher but, after recording three albums, he decided music was his destined career. In his first five years as a musician, he’s played 700 shows across the United States, sold over 700,000 tickets, released six independent albums, sold 250,000 CD’s and 1.2 million singles, and grossed $9 million in revenue. Smith says he never could’ve predicted that amount of success. His most popular songs are, “Twenty-One” and “Maybe Next Year.” His most recent studio album, The Broken Record, reached No. 17 on the US Country Music Chart. In 2012, he released Live in Chattanooga, which is an excellent representation of his entire musical career. Corey Smith made his debut on the Grand Ole Opry stage on May 18, 2013. 

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