Clare Bowen At Grand Ole Opry


Singer and actress Clare Bowen, born in May of 1989 in South Coast, Australia, is one of the stars of the hit musical drama series on ABC Nashville. Bowen plays Scarlett O’Connor, one of the regular roles on the show. Bowen has also appeared as the lead in the Australian drama film The Combination in 2009 and the Australian production of Spring Awakening. She has also guest starred in television shows like The Cut, Chandon Pictuers, All Saints, Gangs of Oz and Home and Away.

In 2012, Bowen released her debut single, “If I Didn’t Know Better,” along with Sam Palladio, off their show Nashville. The two have also released “Fade into You,” “I Will Fall” and “Change Your Mind” together. All of the singles landed in the Top 50 on the Country charts.
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