Bradley Gaskin At Grand Ole Opry


Born in Gasden, Alabama, Bradley Gaskin is fairly new to the country music scene, but is one that is definitely on the road to making a name for himself. After encouragement from his wife, Gaskin, who previously worked hanging drywall, uploaded some of his songs to MySpace. That week, they were heard by country singer John Rich’s development company. The company invited him to perform at the “Get Rich Talent Search,” where he won. Rich then brought Gaskin to Sony’s Columbia Nashville for a record deal.

Gaskin’s self-written debut single, “Mr. Bartender,” is reminiscent of the traditional country classic sounds. In it, he asks the bartender for a shot so he can relieve his heartache. The strong baritone sound of Gaskin’s voice allows him to create his own brand of newer classic country, taking influences from heroes of honky-tonk like Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard and George Jones. C.M. Wilcox of the 9513 gave “Mr. Bartender” a “thumb’s up,” calling it “a straightforward barroom lament.” The song reached the Hot Country Songs charts at Number Fifty-One.
Gaskin’s second single, “Diamonds Make Babies,” was released through Columbia Records.
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