Top 10 Things To Do in Myrtle Beach

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You won't run out of activities with this wide selection of popular attractions to choose from. Whether you are looking for spectacular entertainment, delicious cuisine, or great music, there are a multitude of opportunities for you to enjoy yourself thoroughly.
Top 10 Things To Do in Myrtle Beach
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The show begins at the Pirate's Lair, then moves on to the separate Crimson and Sapphire pirate camps. Enjoy your five-course feast while the battle between the pirates begins. The ... more
Available 79 days between Sep 20, 2014 & Jan 3, 2015 View Schedule
Immerse yourself in an entirely new world with all types of Middle Age dialogue and action. After you're seated at the table, six knights will ride out into the arena to ... more
Available 69 days between Now & Jan 14, 2015 View Schedule
The concert of a lifetime awaits you in Myrtle Beach as you see some of the greatest impersonators of all time step in the shoes of Elvis, Celine Dion, Barry White, Frank Sinatra, ... more
Available 63 days between Now & Jan 3, 2015 View Schedule
Inside this grand lighted theater, there is no end to the entertainment value you'll be able to find. Country music is the staple diet for audiences, but you'll also be treated to ... more
Available 74 days between Now & Dec 31, 2014 View Schedule
Inside Myrtle Beach, this aquarium is home to a huge variety of fish and sea creatures, such as colorful corals, sea horses, piranha, and enormous 10 foot sharks. As you walk ... more
Available 105 days between Now & Dec 31, 2014 View Schedule
Built smack dab in the downtown area, this fun building is home to hundreds of weird and amazing abilities, features, stories, and replicas. Walk through the interesting decor ... more
Available 105 days between Now & Dec 31, 2014 View Schedule
On this frightening adventure, you'll explore a haunted warehouse and meet all of the ghouls, ghosts and goblins that hide within. Solve the mystery of the factory as animatronics, ... more
Available 105 days between Now & Dec 31, 2014 View Schedule
The enormous Myrtle Waves waterpark covers a full 20 acres, featuring huge water rides in every corner of the park. If you're looking for excitement, you may try the wave pool, ... more
Pay one simple price for this fantastic adventure that provides both quality entertainment and a delicious menu filled with various hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, pasta, and ... more
This speedy excursion will keep you on the edge of your seat from the start of the event to the finish. Watch and admire some of the most talented daredevils in the business as ... more
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Top 10 Things To Do in Myrtle Beach

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