Popular Myrtle Beach Kids Activities

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Once you've reached your destination in Myrtle Beach, you will be granted several venues to customize your vacation in the exact manner fitting for your family's tastes. Let the kids look through each specific activity to find the ones that they'll enjoy the most.
Popular Myrtle Beach Kids Activities
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The kids will love this exciting show as you enjoy your five-course feast and cheer on one of the pirate groups! The whole family will delight at the fast-paced sword fights, aerial acrobatics, and pyrotechnics, all on ships that float on a real lake!
Available 183 days between May 30, 2015 & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
Watch brave knights joust, sword fight, and show their colors for honor and glory while you enjoy a feast fit for a King at Medieval Times. Cheer for your knight as he battles others for the pride of your house colors, and be sure to bring the entire family to join in the festivities!
Available 122 days between Now & Nov 13, 2015 View Schedule
The aquarium is the perfect excuse to drop what you're doing and see some of the most interesting aquatic wildlife in the Pacific. The 750,000 gallon tank inside the main part of the aquarium is the home of all kinds of fish, from 10 foot sharks to ferocious piranhas. Kids will also get to see other wildlife like sea horses and coral.
Available 217 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
Watch a variety of entertainment at the Carolina Opry, from Christmas Specials to guest appearances and laser light shows that will have you dancing in your seat and watching the stage in awe. Bring the entire family to this fantastic venue to enjoy a wide variety of shows year round!
Available 126 days between Now & Jan 2, 2016 View Schedule
Enjoy an entirely new lineup of musical favorites like Sammy Davis Jr., Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, and the Rat Pack with Legends in Concert. Watch these talented singers celebrate decades of music in one evening, lit up by state of the art lighting, visual and audio technology to make this show unforgettable!
Available 132 days between Now & Oct 29, 2015 View Schedule
If you're wanting a slightly different venue for the kids, this museum is a great opportunity. Kids will be amazed by the unique talents and skills possessed by people and animals throughout the ages, whether it involves an extra limb or a curious body function. The fun museum houses all types of exhibits as well.
Available 217 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
Reflect your interests inside this maze that pulls together spectacular lighting effects and audio. Look for subtle differences in rooms, and don't get lost! Work together with your kids to find the end of the maze, and once you're done, you'll be wanting to try it again. The maze consists of over 2,000 square feet.
Available 217 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
Take your child along for this fun but scary adventure through a dark, haunted factory. Learn the story of the factory's owners who let people explore and discover for the themselves the dark secrets that no one is supposed to know about. Creepy sounds, high end animatronics, and powerful special effects will thrill you and your family.
Available 217 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
Explore astronaut suits, sit in a single-person spacecraft, become a human lightning rod with a mesh steel glove, create a 3D image of yourself on the Wonder Wall, and so much more at Wonderworks! See how big of a bubble you can blow in the Bubble Lab, or let your creativity go wild at the Imagination Lab. Anything is possible, so don't be afraid to let your kids run wild and let your inner child out while you're at it.
Available 218 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
For an interactive theater experience, you need look no further. This exciting, action-packed movie will entertain kids and adults alike, featuring 3-D affects and high quality surround sound. Along with audio and visuals, you and the kids will feel the affects of the movie as your hydraulic seats shake and vibrate according to the movie scenes.
Available 217 days between Now & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
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