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It's a perfect time of year to head on over to Myrtle Beach, one of the most popular vacation spots in the region. Select the activities that will give you the most memorable experience during your relaxation period. There are a multitude of activities to choose.
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One of the best shows in Myrtle Beach, this pirate adventure is sure to offer both excitement and an excellent, four-course meal. Watch the expertly choreographed swordplay, aerial acrobatics and dance routines, all performed on the show's in-house lake and pirate ship!
Available 184 days between May 29, 2015 & Dec 31, 2015 View Schedule
Six brave knights compete in a deadly tournament with only one winner. You must cheer on the knight that represents your table as you sit down beside the massive arena. Watch your favorite knight overcome obstacles and work desperately to win the hand of the princess. You'll be served a gigantic four course meal that will leave you stuffed.
Available 123 days between Now & Nov 13, 2015 View Schedule
If you have a hankerin' for the Myrtle Beach music traditions, the Carolina Opry will not disappoint you. With 2,200 seats inside, the theater is a popular spot for both the young and old. Hear famous country tunes, as well as songs from other genres. The show will even feature performers from the famous, "America's Got Talent."
Available 126 days between May 28, 2015 & Jan 2, 2016 View Schedule
This exciting show reigns supreme over the 60s, 70s, and 80s music hits. Explore the talents of the movements of dancers and the vocals of singers. Whether you're going alone, with family, or with a couple friends, this show is sure to impress everyone. Each song presents a new twist on the previous decades.
Available 58 days between Now & Oct 23, 2015 View Schedule
Attend a concert that is both entertaining and educational, with star impersonators that imitate Barry White, Elvis, the Blues Brothers, Judy Garland, and much more. You'll learn facts about their lives and hear the songs that made them famous. Discover the best of the legends in the music industry all in one place.
Available 133 days between Now & Oct 29, 2015 View Schedule
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