Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Hanover, MD, food
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Hanover, MD,knights
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Hanover, MD, jousting
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Washington, DC Dinner Shows

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Washington, DC has two excellent dinner shows, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, and the Mystery Dinner Playhouse. Both of them make for fantastic shows and are sure to please your palate, as well as amuse you. You don't want to miss out on these shows while you are in Washington, DC.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Medieval Times is one of the longest running dinner shows in the United States, and it shows. Their performances are very good, without any problems, hang-ups, or other problems and they keep the action going the entire time that you are there. You can be sure that you will enjoy yourself at the Medieval Times.

Food at Medieval Times

The food at Medieval Times is delectable to the point of nearly making you want to go there just for the food. They serve up delicious chicken, garlic bread, vegetable soup, spare ribs and much more and they even have a vegetarian meal for those that desire it. This is a great way to spend an evening in Washington, DC.

Mystery Dinner Playhouse

Mystery Dinner Playhouse is a fantastic dinner show as well, and they even allow you to become a part of it. Even if they don't pick you to play a cameo role, you will still have a good time trying to find out who committed the act. At this dinner show, you will enjoy a four course meal and five short acts that will entertain you for the entirety of the show. The person that uncovers the mystery even gets a prize at the end of the show! Are you the next Sherlock Holmes, or are you Dr. Watson?

Food at Mystery Dinner Playhouse

The food at the Mystery Dinner Playhouse consists of your choice of four different entrees, a salad vinaigrette, soup of the day, fresh vegetables, dinner roles, a dessert, coffee and tea. Everything is delicious and will more than fill you to the brim. Be sure to bring your appetite!

Dinner theater is an excellent evening out on the town anywhere, but you will find that it is especially good in Washington, DC. Both of the offerings have good food, will keep you entertained, and make you come back year after year, to experience the fun of that first dinner theater experience.

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Hanover, MD
I would recommend this place for anyone with a family needing something to do on the weekends or vacation. It's a wonderful show I have been several times and enjoy it every time.....Don't have a family? This is a wonderful place just to take a date!!!!
Antwina Steger - Grasonville,maryland
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Hanover, MD
The show was off the hook LETS GO YELLOW!!!!!!!!! you could feel the energy coming from all sides of the room it was a great experience
Kara - Hagerstown Md
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Hanover, MD
The show was awesome! More than I expected. Getting in was easy. We were sat at our table quickly and served almost right away with our soup. (which was delicious). There is stadium style seating so that everyone can see regardless of where you sit. It was like going back in time. And I will say, bring your appetite! They served us so much food, one of the entrees is literally a 1/2 chicken!! And it was a unique and fun experience watching the jousting and sword fighting while eating with no utensils. Everyone from the wait staff to the performers were entertaining. It's very reasonably priced considering all that you get. Very enjoyable!!
Apryl Rasmusen - LaPlata, MD
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