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Christus Gardens in Gatlinburg, TN

Opened in 1960, Christus Gardens is a religious attraction portraying various scenes in the Bible through over 100 life-size figurines.

Of course, statues aren't the only things that this attraction has to show off. From the Heirloom Bible Collection to the Biblical Coin Collection, this is an all-encompassing museum of the Bible.

This attraction is open all-year round, only closing its doors on Christmas Day. Whether its the 900 square feet Mural of the Old Testament or the six-ton block of Carrara marble featuring the face of Jesus Christ, there's sure to be a sight to amaze all who visit this amazing collection of Bible and Jesus related artifacts and exhibits.

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Truly an AWESOME PLACE to see! PLEASE move it don't do away with it, I've been three times and each time I am so Amazed when I leave there. PLEASE-PLEASE don't do away with it. We need more AWESOME PLACES like CHRISTUS GARDENS! GOD BLESS YOU & PLEASE don't do AWAY with CHRISTUS GARDENS! Mrs. Farris Smith, Martin, TN. (Weakley Co.)
Mrs. Farris Smith - Martin,TN
Absolutely fantastic--so inspirational. I surely hate to see this go!! Perhaps this can be relocated in Gatlinburg. If Gatlinburg would relocate this and advertise it, MANY would come!!! Note the success of the 'Miracle Worker' in Pigeon Forge and the success of the Gospel shows and museum in Dollywood!! GATLINBURG, PLEASE CONSIDER CONTINUING CHRISTUS GARDENS!!! '
Mrs. Lola Curran - Powell, Tennessee (knox CO.)
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