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Cherokee Bear Zoo in Cherokee, NC

Located an hour Southeast from Gatlinburg, the Cherokee Bear Zoo features a variety of native and exotic animals located just outside the borders of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The zoo offers a safe, controlled environment for numerous wild animals native to the Smokies, including the coveted black bear. There are also native critters like groundhogs, goats, raccoons, and deer, plus exotic animals like lemurs and tigers.

A stocked Gift Shop with Zoo memorabilia is on-site, as well as an ice cream shop. You can even play some mini-golf on the 18 hole course! The staff at the Cherokee Bear Zoo holds animal care as its utmost priority, taking care to ensure the safety and well-being of the zoo's residents. Children also are given a chance to hold some of the animals, so be ready for great photo opportunities. 

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Cherokee Bear Zoo
1204 Tsalagi Road
Cherokee, NC 28719
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My husband & I have been coming to this zoo for a few years now. It is one of my fav places in the world!! It is small but very clean and you can tell all the animals there are very happy!! If you go at just the right time, you may get the chance to hold/feed a baby bear or tiger cub like we did last week! We got to feed a 6 wk old tiger cub just this past week & when I visited in May with my neice, we got to feed a 3 month old grizzly cub! WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!!! I go there so often, one of the workers knows me now. HAHA. It is only $5 to to get in and only $1 for a tray of food to feed the bears and some of them will do tricks for you for food! It's awesome!!!!! If you love animals like I do, you must take your family here next time you're close by, you won't regret the thrill!!
Linda - Erlanger Ky
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