Top 3 Chattanooga River Cruises

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Board one of the sturdy vessels in the Chattanooga area for a pleasant afternoon or evening cruise. Your time on the boat will be well spent, with plenty of sightseeing in every direction to look at. Enjoy the memories of these great options down the river.
Top 3 Chattanooga River Cruises
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Head on down the Tennessee river in this beautifully decorated Southern Belle Riverboat. Enjoy the calm water below you reflecting the trees on either side of the coastline. ... more
Available 7 days between Now & Oct 31, 2014 View Schedule
Turn back the clock of time to discover ancient traditions and various rock formation shifts over years. Your tour guide will give you a rundown on the area, complete with great ... more
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After a fun day in the city, you may want to relax out on the pleasant Tennessee River with this great cruise that provides a scrumptious line of various BBQ cuisine, along with ... more
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