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Take along your camera to capture some of the rare beauty in Chattanooga. There are plenty of ways to sightsee, whether you're into a tour or love to glide along a cruise. You will love the wildlife and scenery that are inside this beautiful area, flourishing all around.
Top 5 Chattanooga Attractions
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There are many cruises to choose from with this activity, and you can book and board the Southern Belle for a pleasant cruise down the Tennessee River. You're guaranteed to love this great area filled with extensive treelines and all kinds of bird wildlife on either side of the coast. Feel the pleasant Tennessee breeze!
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Look no further for you turn on one of these great go-karts, with rides lasting around 5-6 minutes each. The enormous track covers a full 630 feet of roadway. Listen to the gentle purr of the go-karts engines that have been certified by the NASkarts official license to perform quietly and with little waste.
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In 45 minutes, you'll have a much more thorough knowledge of the Crystal Palace. The cave tour goes one quarter mile into the Crystal Cave, and your tour guide will give a comprehensive view of how various rock formations appeared in the cave. Children and adults alike are welcome to come along.
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Enjoy the beauty of nature through this fun Chattanooga sightseeing excursion. One of the biggest tree houses ever built in the U.S. stands here, named the George S. Bryan Tree House. Bring along your photo to snap pictures of the wildlife you may see, or take up-close shots of the various gardens in the center.
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This dining experience allows you to taste delicious Italian food, which is shared with guests in an unlimited fashion. After sitting down, the light dim and you'll be treated to an exciting show combining exciting acting, thrilling discoveries, and unknown criminal activity. Work with your party to solve the mystery before it's too late!
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