Top 5 Chattanooga Activities

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Travel across the Chattanooga area for your choice of activities. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your vacation in this great area, whether you're looking to relax on a pleasant evening cruise, or you'd like to go on an adventure through our fascinating cave tours.
Top 5 Chattanooga Activities
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There is an endless amount for you to do and explore onboard this beautiful river vessel. The boat has a controlled temperature, so you'll be able to enjoy your cuisine and fine ... more
Available 216 days between Now & Nov 21, 2015 View Schedule
Climb up the 200 million-year-old rock formations of Lookout Mountain to see the grandeur of Rock City on top. There are delicious restaurants, stores packed with candy, and ... more
Available 12 days between Now & Dec 31, 2014 View Schedule
Whether you're exploring in summer, fall, or winter, this beautiful cave houses a space that goes through over one quarter mile of the famous Crystal Palace. As you walk along, ... more
Available 13 days between Now & Dec 31, 2014 View Schedule
Take an outside adventure into this beautiful area full of several gardens such as the community garden, woodland garden, butterfly creek garden, winter garden, and more. You'll ... more
Available 11 days between Now & Dec 31, 2014 View Schedule
Sit down to experience the thrills and delicious food at the wonderful Vaudevill Cafe. Work hard to unravel the mystery of this show that has various settings, such as a high ... more
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