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History and culture live in the museums of Branson, and there are plenty to choose from. Find both ancient and more modern history in these top-ranked museums.
Branson's Top 5 Museums
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A fun place for Branson-goers, the Hollywood Wax Museum offers visitors amazing opportunities for pictures with the stars. This museum provides a thorough exhibit of the great names in entertainment history and offers children and adults alike the opportunity to marvel at the characters displayed in the museum!
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Walk through 20 different replicated rooms of the famous Titanic, which gives a perfect impression of the life and voyage of the ship and its inhabitants. Once you've entered into the main area, you'll see an enormous 18-foot detailed model of the ship, as well as a ticket for your own voyage. Act as one of the ship's passengers, and gaze in awe at the artifacts left behind, numbering in the hundreds.
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Some of the most interesting and odd sights in the entire world lie inside this museum, with more than 400 different types of figures, feats, and materials. Some of the most famous pieces include the Roman Coliseum replica constructed from playing cards and the supercarrier U.S.S. Forrestal made from made from matchsticks and toothpicks.
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Both historical and modern toys are present in this museum boasting over 1,000 different play things. It's a chance to relive the days when you were a kid, with cast iron, tin, and wind-ups featured along your walk through the area. Look for your favorite train set or glittering bicycle from the another decade to remember all the good times!
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Many artifacts and collections are on display at the Harold Bell Wright Museum, which provides guests with a glimpse inside the life and career of this early twentieth century author through a number of exhibits, such as original manuscripts, woodworking tools, original paints, and his personal gun collection!
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