Top 2 Baltimore Things To Do

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Forget about your work and take a pleasant, worry-free vacation in the city of Baltimore. The city has activities ranging from performances at dinner shows to thrilling rides inside the legendary Six Flags theme park. Find the activities that are best.
Top 2 Baltimore Things To Do
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A four-course meal with everything from fresh soup to roasted chicken will be served to you as you cheer on the knight that represents your table. Follow the plot closely as six knights compete for the princess' hand in the form of an exciting tournament. You'll see live performances with intense combat and intriguing dialogue.
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This fun theme park has both calm rides for the faint of heart and intense rides for the thrill seekers. Some of the roller coaster rides include Mind Eraser, Tower of Doom, Wild One, and many others. If you're more in the mood for a show, you can try one of those as well. Six Flags also has an adjoining water park.
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Top 2 Baltimore Things To Do

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