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Top off your vacation with a visit to any number of great theme parks offering some of the most exciting rides and shows around. Visit the famous Disneyland, where cinema magic and family fun make up the core of the park, or try another fun attraction.
Best Anaheim Theme Parks
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The Disney experience is at your fingertips inside this beautiful park that displays all the magic of the Disney movies, atmosphere, and characters. Watch the Pixar Play Parade, or walk through the Haunted Mansion. Merchandise and excellent snacks and food are available as well, with gift shops and concessions dispersed throughout the park.
Available 731 days between Now & May 26, 2017 View Schedule
This fantastic theme park is home to many great thrill rides, and features 160 acres of beautiful area to walk through. Hop onto the Silver Bullet for a winding, fast-paced rollercoaster ride, or take the kids to the Peanuts' gang park play area, labeled, "Camp Snoopy." There are performances, water rides, and more included in the park.
Available 97 days between Now & Aug 31, 2015 View Schedule
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